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Commercial Law

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Our Services Include

Selecting the right structure of operation (Corporation, LLC, LP, etc.)

Business formation and dissolution

Formation of tax-exempt not-for-profit companies (501(c)(3) and 501(c)(3) hybrids)

Commercial leasing, financing and closings

Employment agreements, contractor agreements and termination/severance agreements

Partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and strategic alliance agreements

Negotiation and preparation of deal term sheets, LLC operating agreements and shareholder agreements

Non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements

Employee handbooks

And more...

Commercial Law

Our economy is fueled by the millions of businesses in the U.S., and the countless number of transactions those businesses make every day.

Behind every business is an often-complex framework of state laws, federal regulations and, for businesses that operate internationally, foreign rules and policies. Business contracts and agreements create another layer of complexity. Every business – big or small – needs competent legal counsel and representation to help them stay compliant.

At Hamra Law Group, our skilled commercial law attorneys advise business leaders on a variety of business law matters, providing dedicated representation when commercial disputes arise.

Litigation solves everything - Jon Cryer

How We Help Commercial Clients

We provide services designed to help businesses continue operating smoothly, even when faced with contentious and/or trans-border legal disputes.

Issues we handle for business clients include vendor disputes, import-export issues, disputes related to letters of credit, factoring agreement problems and more.

Vendor Disputes

Companies use vendors and third-party providers for the products and services the business needs to provide their own products. Vendor relationships are usually governed by contracts and legal agreements. However, disputes can arise when one party isn’t meeting its obligations, commits a fraudulent act or otherwise acts outside of the terms of the legal agreement.

Hamra Law Group team of legal professionals can help you resolve disputes with your vendors, or help you defend against claims brought by a vendor.

Import-Export Issues

Businesses that import or export goods from foreign countries often run into disputes and legal issues arising from transactions or agreements.

Legal issues and disputes may stem from contractual violations, tariff classifications, duty reductions and exemptions, seizures and forfeitures, customs valuations, Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certifications, and more.

Our skilled attorneys represent manufacturers, importers, exporters and other parties to international trade disputes. With a solid understanding of the government agencies and laws underlying imported and exported goods, we are positioned to help businesses protect their interests and minimize their risks.

Letters of Credit Disputes

Nearly every type of business uses letters of credit, which are legal documents designed to provide sellers with the assurance they will be paid for their goods or services. If a transaction goes awry, a letter of credit ensures the buyer’s bank will pay the seller’s bank if certain conditions occur and requirements are met.

Letter of credit disputes can arise in several scenarios, including when goods are defective or damaged or when fraud in the transaction or documents is alleged. Claims may also involve issues with collecting on letters of credit, misdirection of payments, or breach of contract matters. Disputes often involve the two business parties to the transaction, but they can also involve the banks that issue and collect on the letters.

Similarly, legal issues and disputes can arise related to the use of factoring agreements. With this type of contract, a finance company pays its client early for its receivables in exchange for a percentage of the receivables.

Hamra Law Group represents all types of parties to letters of credit and factoring agreement disputes in litigation and arbitrations.

A Trusted Resource for Commercial Law Matters

The experienced business law attorneys at Hamra Law Group are committed to understanding the industries our clients operate within, so we can provide the tailored advice and representation you deserve.

We use today’s state-of-the-art technology solutions and are committed to offering our clients dedicated service, clear and consistent communications, and transparent billing practices. We are proud to provide the same level of legal skill you could expect from a large law firm, but with a boutique feel and personalized attention most large firms simply cannot offer.

To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us today.