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Business Agreements

Our Services Include

Selecting the right structure of operation (Corporation, LLC, LP, etc.)

Business formation and dissolution

Formation of tax-exempt not-for-profit companies (501(c)(3) and 501(c)(3) hybrids)

Commercial leasing, financing and closings

Employment agreements, contractor agreements and termination/severance agreements

Partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and strategic alliance agreements

Negotiation and preparation of deal term sheets, LLC operating agreements and shareholder agreements

Non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements

Employee handbooks

And more...


Business Agreements

When business disputes arise, the underlying issues often relate to terms or provisions contained in legal agreements or contracts. One of the best ways to avoid problems later is by ensuring any agreement you enter into is both fair and legal.

When you work with one of the skilled business agreements attorneys at Hamra Law Group, you can be confident that your agreements are designed to meet your needs while protecting your legal rights in New York and Federal Courts, as well as international tribunals if your business will cross international borders.

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Assistance with a Variety of Contracts and Agreements

Our experienced lawyers can help your business with a variety of legal agreements, including business licensing agreements, partnership and joint venture agreements, strategic alliance agreements, financing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, technology-related agreements, and more.

Using “boilerplate” or off-the-shelf agreements might save your business money up-front. However, when those agreements aren’t tailored to meet your business’ specific needs and aren’t drafted and reviewed by attorneys familiar with the specific laws and regulations that govern your business, you risk facing significant cost, hassle, and regulatory scrutiny later.

Agreements for Your Business Operations

The specific types of agreements your business needs will largely depend on your industry, the products, and services you offer, and how you conduct business.

Hamra Law Group can help you with business licensing agreements, agreements that will govern strategic business relationships such as partnership and joint ventures, contracts to cover the technologies you use and much more.

Agreements with Employees, Contractors, and Vendors

The agreements you enter into with the employees, independent contractors and vendors are also important.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and confidentiality agreements can protect your non-public business information, helping you get and maintain a competitive edge.

Similarly, having employees and independent contractors sign non-compete or non-solicitation agreements can ensure you don’t lose that competitive edge because of an employee’s decision to leave your organization.

Agreements with Employees, Contractors, and Vendors

No attorney or law firm can guarantee that a contract is ironclad and will never result in future litigation. However, when you are deliberate about hiring an experienced contract and business law attorney to represent your interests, you stand a much better chance of avoiding future disputes and commercial lawsuits.

The attorneys at Hamra Law Group understand how nuances or ambiguities in your contracts and agreements can help – or hurt – you. We work closely with business clients to help negotiate contracts designed to truly protect our clients’ interests and rights. We can professionally draft new agreements for your business or review and advise on agreements you’re being asked to sign by others.

Protect your current and future interests with tailored contracts and agreements.

To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us today.