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Corporate Litigation

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Unfortunately, commercial transactions and contractual relationships don’t always go as planned. When disputes arise, having a strong litigation attorney in your corner is critical to help protect your interests and legal rights.

The attorneys at Hamra Law Group can help. With a solid understanding of the nuances and complexities that can come with corporate litigation and experience representing individuals and businesses of all sizes in the New York Court System’s Commercial Division, you can be confident your legal matter is in capable hands.

An increasing number of those lawsuits and legal actions are being targeted at businesses in general.

Representation for a Range of Disputes

The experienced litigation attorneys at Hamra Law Group are committed to fighting for clients’ rights in a wide range of legal matters, including derivative suits, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes and dissolutions, breach of contract matters, and more.

Business disputes may indicate a fundamental misunderstanding about a provision in a contract or agreement, or they may be indicative of larger, more systemic problems.

Contract-Related Disputes

Corporate litigation often relates to a disagreement about a contract or agreement, including claims that the other party to a contract breached their duties as specified in that contract.

Another type of contract issue that frequently arises relates to disputes among business partners. In many ways, business partnerships are like marriages. While the partners usually enter into the business assuming things will always go well, issues can – and do – occur.

At Hamra Law Group, our attorneys help clients with breach of contract matters, whether a formal, written contract governed the relationship and transaction, or if a contract was merely implied by the parties’ actions. We also handle partnership disputes whether or not there was an underlying partnership agreement. When necessary, we also help handle partnership dissolutions, advising clients on winding down partnership business.

Shareholder-Related Disputes

It’s not just corporations and partnerships that can bring litigation against others; shareholders have the right to initiate litigation too.

If company shareholders believe management should have brought a lawsuit against (or defended against a lawsuit brought by) a third party but failed to do so, New York law corporate law allows them to bring a shareholder derivative lawsuit in the name of the corporation.

Shareholder disputes in New York can also take the form of allegations that management wasted corporate assets, breached fiduciary duties, abused control and more. These types of lawsuits can be brought by shareholders with any size interest in the business.

The attorneys at Hamra Law Group can represent shareholders, corporations or third-party defendants in all types of shareholder disputes.

Choosing a Corporate Litigation Attorney

There are plenty of attorneys offering their services to individuals and businesses involved in commercial disputes or litigation matters in New York. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking all litigation attorneys are equal.

When evaluating a firm’s or attorney’s ability to effectively represent you in your legal matter, look for a solid understanding of and experience with the Uniform Commercial Code, New York’s Corporation, Partnership and Limited Liability Company laws.

Although not every commercial dispute needs to be litigated, it is also important to choose a professional firm that has the necessary resources to go head-to-head with the opposing side on your behalf, if necessary. You want a legal professional who can negotiate a fair settlement, or argue your case convincingly in the event your dispute goes to trial.

Finally, look for a firm that makes legal services convenient, modern and affordable, leveraging today’s technologies to serve the firm’s clients efficiently and effectively.

Choose Hamra Law Group to Protect Your Interests

If you are involved in a business dispute or corporate litigation matter, there is potentially a lot at stake; your professional reputation and livelihood could be impacted by the outcome. You need experienced, skilled legal counsel in your corner. You need the professional representation Hamra Law Group.

Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome in corporate litigation matters. We offer the same quality representation you might expect from a larger law firm, but with a boutique firm experience.

To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us today.