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International Commercial Law

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International Commercial Law

In today’s global economy, more U.S. companies either have established operations on foreign soil or have business relationships with customers, vendors or other third parties located in other countries.

Unfortunately, disputes related to international business dealings are a common occurrence. When they arise, it is important to choose an established law firm with the depth of knowledge and resources to effectively resolve the dispute.

At Hamra Law Group our skilled attorneys understand the nuances and challenges these types of disputes can present and are adept at handling high-value multi-jurisdictional matters.

Litigation was war. A war that usually inflicted heavy casualties on both sides. - Kenneth Eade

An Experienced Resource to Handle International Disputes

Resolving international business disputes favorably requires knowledge of various domestic and foreign laws, as well as an understanding of those countries’ cultural practices and legal systems.

Hamra Law Group helps clients navigate these unfamiliar waters with ease, providing dedicated service and a fierce commitment to protecting clients’ interests and rights.

A Tailored Approach to Meet Each Case’s Unique Challenges

Companies entering into international contracts must comply with not only their state’s laws and federal business laws; they must also ensure agreements meet the legal and practical requirements of the foreign jurisdictions in which they’re meant to apply. Failing to follow required laws can land businesses in hot water; this holds true for settling disputes about international contracts and agreements too.

The international commercial law attorneys at Hamra Law Group help global business clients settle disputes through many international arbitration forums, as well as through litigation when necessary.

International Arbitration

In many international disputes, resolving the matter through arbitration can be more cost-effective and expeditious. Our attorneys are familiar with various forums and tribunals for trans-national disputes, and we work closely with our clients’ internal legal departments (if applicable) to determine the most appropriate forum for alternative dispute resolution.

International Litigation

When litigating an international business dispute, our attorneys work to obtain a positive outcome – one that helps protect our client’s rights in a legally enforceable way. We do this by identifying potential jurisdictional issues up front, so we can fight for jurisdiction in the location we believe is best. We also do everything in our power to help our clients recover judgments they win in international commercial litigation cases.

Choose Hamra Law Group for International Commercial Legal Needs

There is no room for error when your business needs to initiate legal action against or defend against a claim brought by, a party in a foreign country.

Hamra Law Group is proud to provide the same services as large, international firms, but with the customized feel and personalized attention offered by a boutique-sized firm. Our experienced international commercial law attorneys work diligently, striving to help each client achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

We promise clear, consistent communication, fair and transparent billing practices, and attention to the details that can make all the difference in international business disputes.

To learn more, schedule a free consultation with us today.